Robert Date: September 2019
I've twice started learning piano & given up. Neither teacher inspired me and I didn't get as far as taking any grade exams. When I reached 60 I thought I'd give it one last try and starting taking lessons with Paul. Four years later, with Grades One, Two & Three under my belt, I feel that at long last I am really making real progress. I expect to take Grade Four in the Spring. Paul has introduced me to some useful iPad apps that, together with my weekly lesson, mean my piano playing is developing surprisingly quickly. I look forward to my lessons with Paul and enjoy practicing back at home. He has the knack of sensing when my confidence is waning and introducing something new at just the right time. My only regret is that I didn't start lessons with Paul sooner!
Jenny Date: September 2019
I restarted the piano this year after a gap of 50 years, and have found Paul to be an extremely experienced tutor. He has pushed me harder than I imagined I was capable of, and I’m really enjoying playing again - not just classical pieces, but also popular and jazz. He’s especially keen to help pupils progress faster using technology - such as apps, installed on a tablet or integrated with a digital piano. All new to me, but definitely a welcome teaching advance.
James Date: September 2019
I've been a piano student with Paul for several years now, and have always found his lessons to be a pleasure. Paul is patient, enthusiastic and has an impressive knowledge of apps and software that he's used in order to help me practise and learn more effectively. When I've been working away, Paul would offer lessons over Skype so that I could continue progressing whilst not at home, which was much appreciated. I'd highly recommend Paul to anyone wishing to learn to play the piano.