Studio Policy

  1. Tuition will be given in blocks of 5 weekly lessons called series.
  2. Payment required 7 days before start of new series.
  3. Holiday breaks to lessons: I will advise all holidays well in advance.
  4. Missed lessons: please give at least 24 hour’s notice otherwise the missed lesson will be charged (that is unless there are exceptional circumstances).
  5. Online lessons: Child Safeguarding – please remember that a parent will need to be present in the room while online lessons are taking place. Children should dress appropriately for a lesson as they would when coming here. Online lessons need to be always in a family room – not a bedroom.
  6. Termination of lessons: If you wish to terminate lessons please give notice by Lesson 1 to finish on Lesson 5. If payment of fees becomes difficult please speak to me. I have several options to lower your fees: for instance shared lessons, video lessons and reduced length/frequency of lessons. My aim is always to be as flexible as possible.