Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much do your lessons cost?

A: £20 for half an hour lesson. £26 for 40 minute lesson. You can request 2 free introductory lessons.

Q: How often are the lessons?
A: I like to teach students once a week as this gives ample time for them to practice between lessons and not long enough to pick up any bad habits or lose motivation. Additional lessons, often before exams, concerts or competitions can be arranged, provided I have time in my schedule.

Q: How long are lessons?
A: 30 minutes is usual length up to grade 2. From Grade 3 I would encourage pupils to have a 40 minute lesson. Around Grade 5 a 50 minute lesson is recommended. For Grades 7 and 8 a 60 minute lesson is preferable. This is only a rough guide. It is possible to have shorter lessons if you cannot afford longer lessons.

Q: I don't yet have an instrument, can I still start lessons?
A: No. You really need an instrument at home to regularly practice on. Please contact me for advice on how to get hold of a good new digital piano for about £400.

Q: I own a keyboard, is that good enough to start with or do I need to buy a piano?
A: Keyboards are fine to start learning music on - as long as the keys are full size. Many of my pupils start with keyboards. Do bring your keyboard with you to first lesson for me to check suitability.

Q: How much will an instrument cost me to buy and do you sell them?
A: I don't sell instruments but I can recommend a good online company where you can buy with next day delivery. Ebay can be a good source of cheap starter instruments, or if you wish to purchase new, a good starter keyboard will cost around £100 and a good starter piano, around £400.

Q: I am a little on the old side. Is it too late for me? Do you teach older people?
A: It's never too late to learn! Better late than never! These sayings are the mottos of my young at heart students. I've taught lots of adults over the years. Adults have a drive and determination to learn that some younger people have yet to develop.

Q: I don't want to take exams, I just want to play for fun. Is that okay?
A: No problem. Exams are not for everyone. Playing for pleasure is the whole point to music.

Q: Do you teach any other instruments?
A: Yes, I teach flute up to grade 5 standard.

Q: Do you teach music theory?
A: Yes. This is normally incorporated into the lessons. I do take pupils who just study theory of music. My Grade 5 Theory Course is very popular with pupils needing a crash course in theory if they want to take a Grade 6 (or higher) ABRSM instrumental exam.

Q: Are you available as an accompanist in examinations?
A: Yes. I can assist you to learn how your part fits in with the piano part. You would need to book 2 or 3 sessions at least to do this properly. Then I will make myself available to accompany you in your exam. I do not think it right to accompany in examinations where there has not been this proper preparation.

Q: My child is very keen. At what age can he/she start?
A: From age 6.

Q: Can I bring others to the lesson?
A: Visitors are most welcome as long as they are not disruptive. I encourage parents especially to sit in on lessons. Then they will learn how best to support their child during his practise.

Q: Do you do home visits?
A: Sorry, not anymore.

Q: Should I be nervous about starting lessons with you?
A: I would most definitely say no to that one. I like to put my students at ease with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Although I expect my students to try their best, I also live in the real world and understand some of the challenges that can occasionally hinder progress. I believe in good communication so that I can empathise and assist. I provide email support for any ‘between lessons’ questions. You can always phone me to discuss any problems or worries between lessons.

Q: I can't find the answer to my question. Help!
A: No problem. Just click on the CONTACT tab and fire away . . .